Zeyn, NY is a husband and wife team based in Brooklyn. They're originally from Turkey and immigrated to NY after winning a green card lottery back in 2014 and as of 2020 they're proud to be naturalizing. Both of them studied engineering and had corporate jobs before deciding to quit and pursue a creative life style.

They're Zeynep and Erdem. They own and operate a studio/retail shop in Red Hook-Brooklyn and their life is very much about work.

They started their business back in 2014 after renting a small studio space in Red Hook. Even though they wanted to make and sell their own designs from the get go, it took them years to figure out how. They've been working with successful designers and makers for a living for many years and contributed to their businesses achieving their goals as their production partners.

Home décor has always been a passion of their's but they never knew what to do with it. It took a pandemic to figure out how to turn their own ideas and knowledge into products that are within reach, yet still valuable.

Their work mostly relies on instinct and simple observation of life, but they're also good at doing their homework in terms of material research, good crafting methods, simplicity and value. If there's a better way to do something they'll just do it.

View our collection of their leather vases in the gallery here.