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All designs, paintings, jewelry, photography, prints, knives, home-goods, prints, photographs, sculptures, and designs by our artists, writers, makers, photographers, etc… are copyright protected by each artist. All photography, video and editing is copyright protected by elk & HAMMER. Copyright protection for our videos, photography and designs are enforced. © 2023. elk & HAMMER ®, §1301. Designs protected. All rights reserved.


All items sold on come with guidelines for proper care and handling of items, as to keep them in heirloom condition. elk & HAMMER is not responsible for accidental damage, stains, breakage, unforeseen damage, etc… on all goods we sell on


Jewelry: It is the buyer's responsibility to care for delicate items, such as jewelry. Storing items properly will eliminate unforeseen damage (please do not store jewelry or fragile items at the bottom of a purse or in a junk draw full of tools). We always provide a jewelry pouch for all jewelry we sell in the gallery. Ultrasonic cleaners are very damaging to soft stones (pearls, turquoise, opals, doublet, emeralds, lapis lazuli) and jewelry with inlay work (such as jewelry by Kabana). Kurtulan and Kabana jewelry all come with a warranty.

Art: Paintings and prints should be framed and hung properly.  Placing wall art pieces in direct sunlight is not advisable.

Knives: The buyer and/or new knife or tool owner is directly responsible for the proper handling, care and use of all the sharp knives and tools we sell.  elk & HAMMER is not responsible for any unforeseen damage to one's self and/or one's property.  Ferrous steel knives and tools, (non-stainless steel) knives need to be oiled with mineral oil or vegetable oil after use.  We do supply a small amount of Kurobara, 100% Pure Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Camellia Oil (100% food-safe, great for long-term care and available on Amazon) for any knives or tools that need to be oiled.  Ferrous knives and tools are subject to rust and/or oxidation and we suggest using the proper oil to keep these pieces in working condition for years to come. *Please do not use your dishwasher to clean your new knives.  Hand-washing your knives is always recommended. KOTAI, PUMA IP and Messermeister knives come with a warranty - you must register your knife within 30 days. 

Cutting Boards: elk & HAMMER highly discourages the use of bamboo cutting boards.  We recommend a hard-wood, end-grain cutting board for cutting (oak, maple, teak, olive wood) - available in the gallery.  This will help keep your knife sharp for years to come.  The use of bamboo cutting boards can be extremely damaging to a blade’s edge, dulling its sharpness over time.  Bamboo is 19% harder than traditional maple, oak or teak, which makes it harder on your knives. The small grooves may catch the blade’s edge, interrupting a smooth cutting action.  For our hard-wood cutting boards we recommend mineral oil to keep your cutting board in good condition for decades to come. 

Wood: For cleaning wooden kitchenware and/or cutting boards we highly suggest hand-washing, as a dishwasher tends to break down the wood over time.

Leather: Please refrain from placing leather items in direct sunlight, as this will discolor, weather and damage the leather very quickly.  The QUARTO Leather baskets by Otis Ingrams are subject to natural scuffs and slight discoloration over time, giving them a lovely, warn-in look.  All brand new leather items are subject to natural wear over time, this is just natural as your piece is used.


Many of our jewelry pieces can be made in custom ring sizes and/or custom inlay work (such as our pieces by Kabana).  Custom orders take approximately 4-6 weeks for production.  Please be patient as quality control is a high priority for the e&H Gallery.  We are dedicated to showcasing work that is of heirloom quality, so we thank you for your patience as your jewelry or piece(s) are being made.


Our artist’s lives come first. Their well-being and the time they give to their craft is our first priority.  This is a gallery dedicated to the education of what it takes to be a maker. Please read our stories and learn about what it takes to create incredible works of art for the house and home, pieces that will last a lifetime. This is what elk & HAMMER is all about. We are here to educate, you, the public so you may be better informed, knowledgeable and appreciative of all the people who have dedicated their lives to their craft. elk & HAMMER is dedicated to bridging the gap between maker and consumer in the best way possible: from exquisite photography, to quality videos and in-depth writing of every artist’s life.  We are here to open your eyes to the foreign world of the maker’s studio. 

We advise against customers directly contacting any artist or maker represented by elk & HAMMER.  If you are interested in other work not available directly on please contact the gallery directly on the website or by sending the gallery an email: