As the former CEO of Parfums Nina Ricci, Barbara Harman is well-acquainted with the world of luxury couture. When she was unable to find archival cotton garment bags to protect the collection of elegant suits and dresses she had accumulated through years of travel to Paris, Harman developed the concept behind The Butler’s Closet.

In 2003, Harman began researching her idea in earnest. She read extensively about life in British stately homes during the Edwardian era. During this period, estates were replete with delicate decor and serving ware, priceless art, precious gems and metals, and luxurious fabrics, all carefully maintained by butlers and service staff, experts in their own respective rights at distinct preservation techniques. Indeed, many of the methods developed by the butlers and housekeepers of yesteryear are employed by contemporary museum conservators to keep those selfsame collections protected for generations to come.

Once Harman had a sense of the “how,” she sought out proper materials and advice from professional textile conservators and The Butler’s Closet was born. Today, what initially began as a unique line of museum-quality, 100-percent cotton percale protective covers and bags, has grown to include a curated collection of preservation and protection products to care for fine linens, clothing, jewelry, and shoes. 

Handcrafted in Florence, Italy, these buttery microsuede pouches are lined in 100-percent organic cotton and feature delicate lambskin leather pumpkin snaps. Gussets provide ample room and interior panels create two protective internal compartments to keep items separated. Available in a range of sizes, each pouch comes in a deluxe gift box with a beautiful, engraved label.

Small: 2.6” x 2.8”

Medium: 3.7” x 4”

Large: 5.6” x 5.8”

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