Rocco Handmade, Brian Nawrocki

Willow Leaf Nessmuk Skinner, Stag and Scagel Style Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath

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Willow Leaf Nessmuk Skinner

1095 Steel, Brass Guard, black and white fiber, OD green and double brown canvas, aluminum and brass spacers. Premium India Sambar stag carver handle.

Blade Length: 5"
Overall Length: 10.25"

Comes with custom handmade sheath.

Handmade by Rocco Handmade, Brian Nawrocki


Brian “Rocco” Nawrocki, the knifemaker behind Rocco Handmade, has been crafting fine Scagel-inspired blades since 2018. Apprenticed under longtime friend Jim Behring, whose Treeman Knives and Leather Shop employs him to this day, Nawrocki forges knives with purpose inspired by nature’s hues, textures, and materials, many of which he finds near his rural home in eastern Michigan.

Photography by Mitchell D. Cohen

Photo shows both sides of knife and the spine, comes with custom handmade sheath.

Other Details
SKU: Rocco_WillowLeafNessmukSkinner5
Condition: New
Width: 8.00 (in)
Height 8.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Gift Wrapping: Options Available
Alloy 1095 Steel
Size Overall: 10.25”, Blade: 5”
Handle Brass Guard, Black and White Fiber, OD green and double brown canvas, aluminum and brass spacers, Premium India Sambar Stag
Color Brown
Space Garden & Outdoor
Space Office
Made in Michigan, US
Material Steel
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