Takahiro Miyazaki

Cleaver Chiisai (kleines Hackbeil) with Wenge Handle


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TAKAHIRO MIYAZAKI - Cleaver Chiisai (kleines Hackbeil), , hand forged - with handle of wenge,blade thickness 3,0 MM The knife packed in a nice wooden box. Steel Material: forged japanese tool steel Handle Material: Wenge wood The rustic-looking blade is ideally suited for all work in the kitchen. The Japanese sword steel can be ground extremely sharp and is extremely resistant to heavy use. The knife is best suited for cutting larger pieces of meat or for mincing poultry. It also serves well as a vegetable knife. "Total length [cm] 25.3 Blade length [cm] 13.8 ,Blade thickness [mm] 2.9 Handle length [cm] 11,5 Weight (without / with wooden box) [g] 170 / 360"

Ferrous, (non-stainless steel) knives need to be oiled after use - as ferrous tools are subject to rust and/or oxidation. Included is a small bottle of Kurobara, 100% Pure Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Camellia Oil (also available on Amazon). Just a few drops after use will help with rust and keep your knife or scissors in heirloom condition. We highly discourage the use of bamboo cutting boards as they tend to damage the apex of the blade, dullling its sharpness over time. Bamboo is 19% harder than traditional maple, oak or teak, which makes it harder on your knives. The small grooves may catch your knife, interrupting a smooth cutting action. Using a hard-wood, end-grain cutting board will help keep the knife sharp for years to come. The Banshu Japanese Grip Scissors shouldn’t be used to cut paper as this will dull the scissor’s blade extremely fast. 

Other Details
SKU: ED10250
Stock Level: 4
Condition: New
Width: 7.00 (in)
Height 3.00 (in)
Depth 4.00 (in)
Gift Wrapping: Options Available
Alloy Tool Steel
Made in Japan
Size Overall length: 25.3cm; Blade length: 13.8cm
Gender Unisex
Color Dark Brown
Material Steel
Handle Wenge
Material Wood
Space Kitchen