World on a String

Large Silver Bird Feather Brooch with Diamond

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Large Sterling Silver Detailed Feather Brooch Pin with Diamond Detail by Ashley Childs This feather was originally carved by "World on a String" by carvers in Bali, owned by Susan Tereba who lives fulls time in Bali. Detailed carving was originally in bone by carvers in Bali. The piece was cast in sterling silver by Ashley Childs. Feather has large diamond detail at bottom in 18K yellow gold bezel. Feather weighs 17.64 grams of silver. The back of the feather is as detailed as the front and would be perfect to wear day or night. Brooch has pin on back and would look perfect on blazer or coat. ABOUT THE ARTIST: ASHLEY CHILDS Ashley Childs is an accomplished jewelry designer, curator, traveler and overall, extremely curious. As the head curator of elk & HAMMER and having traveled the world, she understands not only the aesthetics of design but what is what it takes to make something with your hands. From studying fine art at the Art Institute of Chicago, jewelry making, jewelry designing, and a deep dive into the art of blacksmithing, Ashley Childs is at the forefront of curating not only a gallery with beautiful objects, but a goal to educate those who purchase and/or admire the work. Along with making and designing jewelry, she had always dreamed of curating a gallery, but she wanted to change the relationship between the maker and the customer, the art and the artist, the creation and the story that birthed it. The first step — creating a gallery from scratch — was the hardest. “I was opening a door into a world I knew nothing about, which was absolutely terrifying,” laughs Ashley. But, she led with empathy and passion. Understanding the artists’ struggle, her vision is driven by the desire to create a sense of camaraderie and connection so often lacking in the art world. And not just amidst makers, but between makers and viewers, viewers and stories, stories and life. “Connection is a huge part of the gallery, a way to open ourselves to vulnerability, to create space and empathy,” says Ashley. You can view more stories in the elk & HAMMER gallery online or read more about the maker in the items’ descriptions. ABOUT WORLD ON A STRING: The first line of an old jazz standard starts with, ‘I’ve got the world on a string, sittin’ on a rainbow’… That pretty much sums up how Susan Tereba feels about life and so it became the name of her business. Susan Tereba / World on a String was born in 1990 with the magical Balinese culture at its core. The spirit of the work is expressed through carvings made out of various exquisite natural materials such as fossilized mammoth tusk, jet, bone, tagua nut, exotic woods, semi-precious and precious stones. While Susan is the creative designer, she feels more like an orchestra leader, intuitively conducting my band of talented Balinese carvers, beaders, metalsmiths, stone setters and assistants. Through their collaborative artistry guided by my careful conducting, the process reaches a point of harmony, and the unique art works begin to sing. Her range of high quality, one of a kind jewelry and sculptures draw on elements from around the globe and across eons of time.
Other Details
Condition: New
Width: 14.00 (in)
Height 5.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Gift Wrapping: Options Available
Shipping All jewelry is shipped UPS or FedEx, insured, with signature required upon delivery.
Weight 17.64 Grams of Sterling Silver
Made in Bali & US
Material Silver
Material Diamonds