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Ephesus, Queen Bee, Tetra Drachm, Ancient Charm Coin (Replica) Pendant, 24kt Gold, Silver & 0.10ct Emeralds

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Ephesus, Queen Bee, Tetra Drachm, Charm Pendant, 24kt Yellow Gold, Silver & 0.10ct Emeralds.

Sterling Silver coin is a replica coin from those in the Turkish Museum. 390–380 B.C., Coin (tetradrachm) of Ephesos

Size - Small, 5/8", (17mm)
4 Emeralds - 0.10cts
24kt Gold - 0.25 grams
SS 925 - 3.05 grams


Coin (tetradrachm) of Ephesos
390–380 B.C.
This silver tetradrachm (four-drachma coin) is stamped on the obverse with a bee within a dotted border, with the Greek letters, Ε (‘epsilon’) and Φ (‘phi’), to either side. The reverse shows the foreparts of a stag kneeling in right profile, looking back towards a palm tree. An inscription to the right reads ΚΑΡΝΩ[Ψ] (‘KARNO[PS]’).

The bee, stag, and palm are all emblems of Ephesos, a Greek city on the west coast of Turkey. This city was an important center of worship for the Greek goddess Artemis, and the images on Ephesian coinage typically promote this association. The bee was originally the symbol of an early Anatolian goddess who the Greeks later identified with their goddess, Artemis; so close was the connection that the priestesses of the goddess were called "honey bees." The two Greek letters, Ε (‘epsilon’) and Φ (‘phi’), are an abbreviation for Ephesos. The palm tree alludes to Artemis' birth beneath a palm tree on the island of Delos. The stag – an animal sacred to Artemis – symbolizes the goddess' role as protector of wild animals, and may also refer to the sculptures that flanked her cult statue in the temple at Ephesos.

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Made in Istanbul, Turkey
Alloy 24kt Yellow Gold and Silver
Stone Emerald
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Alloy Sterling Silver
Alloy 24kt Yellow Gold
Measurements 5/8", (17mm)
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