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5 Petal Pentas Flower Charm with Diamond, 24kt Yellow Gold

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5 Petal Pentas Flower Charm Pendant Necklace with Center Diamond, 24kt Gold and Silver by Prehistoric Works of Istanbul, Turkey. Diamond - 0.01cts. These pendants pair well alone or with other coin pendants or with miniature pendants. Measures, 12mm x 12mm, chain options available. The etymological meaning of “pentas” is quite simple. These flowers have five petals, and “penta” refers to the prefix meaning “five.” In Ancient Greece, pentas flowers symbolized chastity. In modern times, the pentagon shape is also symbolic of love and protection in many cultures around the world. Pentas flowers are also a symbol of peace. The pentacle is the five-pointed star that has been used for centuries in many cultures to represent protection and balance, so the pentas is often seen as a talisman of sorts against evil spirits, demons, hexes or spells. In some cultures, pentas blooms represent good luck or fortune due to their five petals resembling gold coins. The penta flower can also symbolize the 5th wedding anniversary celebration, as well as the fifth day of creation when God created all things living and inanimate. Pentas flowers are a symbol of peace in many cultures. Many people see the white pentas as a sign of purity and hope, often given to someone who is sick or grieving.
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Condition: New
Width: 14.00 (in)
Height 5.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Gift Wrapping: Options Available
24kt Gold 1.17 g
Diamonds 0.01 ct
Measurements 12mm x 12mm
Shipping All jewelry is shipped UPS or FedEx, insured, with signature required upon delivery.
Made in Istanbul, Turkey
Alloy 24kt Yellow Gold
Size 16"
Gender Unisex
Stone Diamonds
Material Gold
Material Diamonds
Material Solid Gold