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24K Gold-Framed Ancient Harvest Goddess, Demeter, Tetradrachm Coin (Replica) Charm Pendant, 24kt Gold, Silver & 0.09ct Diamonds

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Gold Framed Ancient Harvest Goddess - Demeter - Tetradrachm Coin (Replica) Charm Pendant, 24kt Gold, Silver & 0.09ct Diamonds

Sterling Silver coin is a replica coin from those in the Turkish Museum. (325-300 B.C.)


3 Cluster Diamonds - 0.09cts
24kt Gold 995 - 1.43 grams
Sterling Silver 925 - 3.88 grams


(325-300 BCE)

In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Demeter is the Olympian goddess of the harvest and agriculture, presiding over crops, grains, food, and the fertility of the earth. Although she is mostly known as a grain goddess, she also appeared as a goddess of health, birth, and marriage, and had connections to the Underworld. She is also called Deo (Δηώ Dēṓ). In Greek tradition, Demeter is the second child of the Titans Rhea and Cronus, and sister to HestiaHeraHadesPoseidon, and Zeus. Like her other siblings but Zeus, she was swallowed by her father as an infant and rescued by Zeus.

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Width: 15.00 (in)
Height 15.00 (in)
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Material Silver
Material Gold
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Made in Istanbul, Turkey
Alloy 24kt Yellow Gold
Stone Diamonds
Gender Unisex
Material Diamonds
Measurements 1", (25 mm)
Size Medium
Alloy Sterling Silver