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Ankole & Gyr Horn Light Vase

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The Ankole-Watusi cattle of East Africa, and Gyr cattle of India, hold a scared place in the lives of indigenous communities of these lands. Serving primarily as a source of milk and meat, artisans have founded a burgeoning tradition of transforming the cow's distinctive horns of varying shades of ivory, browns and blacks into a number of elegant household accessories.
A vase that echos the graceful, sweeping form of the Ankole or Gyr cow horn. These decorative horns are crafted with great care and are a great design piece for any room.
Size: 3-5" diameter x 10-12" height.
Color: Shades of ivory, beige, and browns.
Care: Hand-wash with warm water.


• Made in Uganda • Weight: 8 oz (226.8 g)
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Width: 12.00 (in)
Height 15.00 (in)
Depth 6.00 (in)
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Material Horn
Space Living Room
Dimensions 3"-5" Diameter and 10"-12" Height, Variable
Space Dining Room
Space Bedroom
Space Garden & Outdoor
Size Medium
Color Ivory Horn
Made in Uganda