Goma Mug, 胡麻

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On the top of the cup, we can see Goma - 胡麻 - pattern. Goma patterns—so named due to their resemblance to sesame seeds—are created when ash adheres to the surface of work in a firewood kiln. As Bizen Pottery does not use any glazes or paints, the traditional Goma patterning is an important means of aesthetic expression for Bizen artists.

All Bizen Pottery in the GENSO Collection are designed by Toshiaki Mori, the 19th generation of the Mori Family, and handcrafted by the artists in the Mori Kiln. Traditional crafting methods are used to enhance the color of the clay, and the sophisticated yet minimal design demonstrates a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. The warm coloring of the clay and the natural texture of the Bizen Pottery brings out the true beauty of any plants or dishes that are presented on the piece. The firing process brings a unique color variation to each piece, giving you the joy of choosing your one and only Bizen Pottery.

The Care and Use

- Please follow the below instructions onhandling and treatment both for your safety and to ensure that you can enjoy your Bizen Art piece for years to come.
- As Bizenyaki products are fired in the kiln, every piece is featured with unique patterns and colors. Thus, the product you received may be different from the one shown on the website. 
- The surface of a Bizen Art tableware piece will become smoother as it is used, encouraging one to contemplate how a piece of art attains new beauty when incorporated into daily life. This change in surface appearance is not a flaw, but rather an innate character of the ware which in Japan we call the “cultivation of a piece.” We hope that you will appreciate the cultivation of your own Bizen Art piece with use.
- Please keep your Bizen Art piece away from heat sources such as microwaves and ovens, as these can be the cause of breakage. Please also avoid exposure to direct flame and extremely hot water. Bizen Art pieces can be placed in a refrigerated space, but they should not be placed in a freezer. Mugs can be used to hold hot coffee or tea and cool beverages without issues.
- Please exercise caution when washing your Bizen Art piece with a dishwasher, as breakage can occur if handled roughly. Below are recommendations for caring for your piece, though we cannot guarantee these actions will prevent breakage in all cases. (1) Use non-abrasive (e.g., less acidic) detergents; (2) Avoid using any rinse aids or finishing aids; (3) Rinse before placing your piece in a dishwasher and be sure to allow space between dishes; (4) Wash on a gentle cycle with less intense pressure and lower heat when possible
Bizen Art pieces are known to be remarkably durable but breakage can occur if handled without care. In that case, the shards can be hazardous. Please practice caution when handling your pieces and be sure to store them safely.
- Bizen Art pieces may leave surface damage if placed directly on a table or countertop. We recommended placing a decorative cloth or table mat beneath your piece.

Other Details
Condition: New
Width: 8.00 (in)
Height 8.00 (in)
Depth 8.00 (in)
Gift Wrapping: Options Available
Made in Bizen, Japan
Color Goma
Gender Unisex
Weight 25g
Material Ceramics
Size 12oz
Space Kitchen
Space Office