Drew Doggett

Wild: the Legendary Horses of Sable Island, by Drew Doggett (Hardcover)

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Sable island is home to one of the last herds of completely wild horses and nothing else. This small strip of earth, often nestled in a blanket of fog 100 miles from land, has long captivated artists. Since 2012, award-winning photographer and filmmaker drew doggett has created one of the most comprehensive collections of imagery of the island, including the first-of-its-kind aerial documentation.
In this long-awaited large-format coffee table book, featuring a foreword by Dr. Jane goodall, discover the story of the wild and free horses of sable island as told through over 100 exquisitely reproduced photographs that inspire, thrill, and excite. Featuring never-before-seen images from drew’s archive and personal writings that invite you on an intimate journey through a day on the island, this book is an ode to the incredible horses that have thrived, despite all odds, in a place man has failed to conquer.
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