Bronte Moon

Shetland Quality, Pure New Wool Throw Blanket, Harlequin, in Tutti Frutti, Made in England

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Bright, bold, and brilliant… what’s not to love about Tutti Frutti? With a myriad of colours including Teal, Fuchsia, and Hazel woven expertly together across a biscuit beige base, Tutti Frutti throws are available in Harley Stripe or Harlequin designs. Collected from Shetland Sheep in the pure natural countryside of New Zealand this top quality Pure New Wool is then transported to Abraham Moon's historical mill situated in the heart of the English Yorkshire Dales. Once there it is woven by devoted craftsmen with years of experience to produce an exceptionally fine wool throw of outstanding quality, beauty and durability. 
These throw blankets are a much sought after item and once you have the pleasure of owning one, you will treasure it for a lifetime.

Made in United Kingdom • Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg)

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  • Color:
    Tutti Frutti
  • Size:
    72″ x 55″ (182.9 x 139.7 cm)
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