Silk for spring!  View our collection of hand-dyed silk scarves by Mira Blackman of Oakland, California, US.  Each scarf is dyed, by hand, in her backyard studio. Every element from the temperature that day, to the way the wind is blowing, affects the final outcome.  As Mira says, "It's a truly magical and collaborative process."  Actual colors and patters will vary. Each of her scarves are 21" x 21".


View our favorite picks for spring. From buttery-soft silks by Mira Blackman and Sun Sister, to exceptional opals by Kabana and Kurtulan to fine gemstone earrings by Ashley Childs.  Find the perfect piece this season. 

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Ellie Thompson and Ashley Childs collaborated a few spring earrings this season. From using pristine Montana sapphires to garnets, spinels and sphenes, color & design was the most important factor. View the collection today.

GENSO - 幻想

Fine Bizen Pottery, Handmade in Japan
Genso means ‘a thing beyond human imagination' in Japanese. Harmonizing with the power and beauty of nature, Japanese artists have created genso and enriched people's everyday lives through functional arts for thousands of years. They believe in the value of simple and functional, but unique and beautiful Japanese art. Its principles and aesthetics teaches us how to live a happy and fulfilled life in this complex world.

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