Ashley Childs

Moonscape, Cascade Earrings

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"Moonscape", Cascade Earrings designed by Ashley Childs

Two - Mysterious Green Montana Sapphires, 2 = 2.90cts, 6.5mm Round, set in 14kt White Gold
Four - Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green Montana Sapphires, 4 = 2.76cts, 5.5mm Round set in 18kt Green Gold
Four - Mocha and Cinnamon Zircons, 4 = 2.87cts, 5mm Round set in 14kt Rose Gold and 18kt Green Gold,
Two - Yellow Sapphires, 2 = 0.61cts, 4mm Round set in 14kt Yellow Gold set in 14kt Yellow Gold
Two - Yellow-Orange Spessertite Garnets, 2 = 0.29cts, 3mm Round set in 18kt Regular Gold Alloy

Bezel Alloys: 14kt White Gold, 18kt Green Gold, 14kt White Gold, 14kt Yellow Gold, 14kt Rose Gold, 18kt Green Gold, 18kt Regular Gold Alloy

Other Details
Stock Level: 1
Condition: New
Width: 14.00 (in)
Height 8.00 (in)
Depth 6.00 (in)
Gift Wrapping: Options Available
Made in Chicago, IL
Alloy 14kt White Gold
Gender Unisex
Size 2 1/2"
Designed by Ashley Childs
Stone Sapphire
Stone Garnet
Alloy 18kt Yellow Gold
Stone Zircon
Material Gemstones
Material Gold