Suede pouches are always provided when you are not wearing your jewelry. We advise against keeping fine jewelry in junk drawers or at the bottom purses. This can harm or scratch goldfused jewelry, pearls and other soft stones.  Goldfused jewelry by Kurtulan and Prehistoric Works will benefit from suede pouches as rubbing goldfused against other jewelry is not advised. 


Hanging your piece in direct sunlight is not advised as sunlight can fade and damage the color, oils, paint and/or paper. North-facing walls work well, or more shaded areas of your home. 


Dry-cleaning is very much advised for cashmere, wool and alpaca blankets. Handwashing or dry- cleaning silk scarves and laying flat to dry will keep the fabric in quality condition. 


Leather should show wear over time giving it an heirloom texture. Leather oil is advised to keep leather is good shape for many years. Consult your local cobbler or hardware store for the right wax or oil for your piece(s). Otis Ingrams’ Quarto baskets come with a brush to brush away a soft, white “Bloom” effect, which might occur after shipping or with new envrionments. This is completely normal.


We recommend handwashing most of the ceramic cups and mugs in the gallery unless specified dishwasher safe. Many ceramic cups and mugs are hand-wash only and cannot be put in the microwave, including cups made by Asemi Co. and Genso of Japan. Vases are suggested to be cleaned by hand as well.


We recommend handwashing and/or dry cleaning silk scarves.  For larger items such as blankets or throws we recommend dry cleaning those pieces only.


We recommend hand washing your wood utensils and/or cutting boards and avoid soaking. Do not place in refrigerator or microwave.  Food-safe oil can be applied as needed. Beeswax or mineral oil will keep the wood in quality condition, especially in the winter time or when humidity drops suddenly. Brushes and brooms should be shaken before use or rinsed with water to rid the bristles of debris. Always hang the broom by the rope attached to the end of the handle when not in use. Avoid placing on the floor for long periods of time, as the bristles will crease, making it difficult to sweep. To wash the broom, place under water and gently comb the bristles with your fingers or a scrubbing brush. Hang to dry in an area with airflow, not in the sun. 


Utility knives and scissors will benefit from mineral oil to keep in good shape for years to come. 


We advise against bamboo cutting-boards as bamboo dulls the blade’s edge. We suggest using only natural, hard-wood cutting boards (also available in the gallery). Please, never use your dishwasher to clean your sharp knives. Handwashing is very much advised. Use mineral oil on ferous, (non-stainless steel) knives after use and axe-wax or wood-wax on the handles for long-term care.

We highly recommend a hard-wood, end-grain cutting board such as teak, oak, maple or olive wood.  There are many cutting board options available in the gallery.  This will help keep your knife sharp for years to come.

Bamboo cutting boards are highly discouraged.  The use of bamboo cutting boards can be extremely damaging to a blade’s edge, dulling its sharpness over time.  Bamboo is 19% harder than traditional maple, oak or teak, which makes it much harder on the knives.  The small grooves may catch the blade’s edge, interrupting a smooth cutting action. 

KOTAI, PUMA IP and Messermeister knives come with a warranty - you must register your knife within 30 days for this warranty to be valid.

*Please, hand-wash your knives as a dishwasher is extremely detrimental to the blade's edge. 

If your knife contains “Ferrous” metal, (non-stainless steel), these knives need to be oiled after use. We do include a small dropper bottle of Kurobara, 100% Pure Tsubaki Japanese Knife Maintenance Camellia Oil (100% food-safe, great for long-term care and available on Amazon) for all knives that need to be oiled.  A few drops after use will help with rust and keep your knife or scissors in heirloom condition.

The Banshu Hamono Grip Scissors should not be used to cut paper as this will dull the scissor’s blades extremely fast. They are better suited for string, ribbon and the like.

We hope you enjoy the quality craftsmanship of your piece for years to come.  For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the gallery directly.

Terms / Conditions: The buyer and/or new knife or tool owner is directly responsible for the proper handling, care and use of all sharp knives and tools we sell in the gallery. elk & HAMMER is not responsible for any unforeseen damage to one's self and/or one's property.