elk & HAMMER is the story behind the object; the human behind the craft; the art behind the tool. One of the purest forms of connecting with oneself and nature, the art of making can lay bare our innermost fears, highlight unique capabilities and fuel unexpected courage. There’s compulsion behind the maker’s passion, a fascinating narrative that fuels integrity and creative ingenuity.

With this gallery collective, elk & HAMMER showcases a carefully curated selection of remarkable artisans and the functional tools, home goods, food and art that they bring to life. e & H is a place where the maker’s history, experience and skill take precedence.


As the owner, curator of e & H and a fellow maker herself, Ashley Childs takes great time in researching all brands and makers for the gallery.  Read her story here. Each product's materials and their sources, all the maker's and their production team, where and how items are made, all these details take precedence.  Not only does she want to bring function and beauty to your home, she is mindful of what it takes to make. It takes time, energy, experience and wisdom to make quality pieces. Her goal is for the gallery to offer the kind of pieces you buy once, the kind of pieces that will last a lifetime.

WRITING: Jessica Byerly, Ashley Childs, Ellie Thompson
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mitchell D. Cohen, Joe Van Eeckhout, Ian Mahathey, Preston Hoffman, Gloria Goni, Ashley Childs, Dave Gardner
MARKET/WEBSITE: Slowartworks, Atelier Commerce

CONTACT: hello@elkandhammer.com